Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mind and Heart!!!

If the HEART is empty, it doesn't matter whats up there (MIND).

Good Morning!!!

I love getting up in the morning !!!
Each day I say "This is gonna be a great day today"

Monday, March 27, 2006

Daddu Tum!!!

Anand, Bombay to Goa jaaker Don bangaya. uske Raaste ka Pattar Kabhi Kabhi Mili ke Kasme Vaade ki tarah, Abhimaan paida kar usse Parvana banne pe Majboor kar deta. Barsaat ki Ek Raat mein, Laawaris din mein Sholay bhadak utte, logon se Yaarana bhadakar yeh Saudagar, Khoon Pasina bahaata hua apna Silsila jamata raha. Lekin har Naseeb, ek Namak Halal par ek Namak Haram ne Trishul phek kar, usse Khuddar se Desh Drohi bana diya. Andha Kaanoon aur Adalat kabhi iss Natwarlal ko Geraftar na karsake, woh Mahaan se Nastik bankar kabhi Amar Akbar Anthony,kabhi Ram Balram, kabhi Sharabhi , kabhi Kaalia, kabhi Coolie banta, Hera Pheri kar, Satte pe Satta maanta. Lekin ek din woh Kala Patthar Desh Premi bangaya. Uss Mard mein ek Shakti jaagi, aur woh Muqaddar ka Sikandar, samay ki Ganga Jamuna Saraswati paarkar Shahenshah ban gaya.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What the Heck - We've got Nothing to Lose!!!

Day 5 started with England declaring there second innings setting a target of 368 to win. It was fair for them to assume that 368 may not be attainable by best of teams in 90 overs. More importantly, they stood a better chance of winning the test considering that it was Day 5 and the pitch could be unpredictable.

A beautiful incutter castled Shewag's off stump for a shot that he would not want to remember. Reminded me of Saurav's off-drives without any foot movement. An awful shot to play. India were 1 for 1.

The morning session of Day 5 was so slow that India scored their first runs of the bat nearly after 5 overs. Such was their defensive mode of batting and run-rate, that it was pretty obvious that India were all set to play for a draw, or maybe was it because of Shewag's early departure.

The scene was set for Rahul "Wall" Dravid and Wasim "Straight Bat" Jaffer to play out the day, ball-by-ball, over-by-over, session-by-session to ensure a drawn game. And so did they execute the plan with utmost resilience and concentration. Dravid played 187 balls for his 71 while Jaffer 197 for his 100. They played so slow that the runrate was around the 2.2's, a number that is uncommon these days. Their display of batting was so perfectly defensive, that other than a run-out attempt, England didn't even come close to rattling them. Let go the good ones, punished the bad ones. Total Test Cricket material.

At tea time, India were about 220 odd runs away from a win in 35 overs. Flintoff and England knew that they were heading for a lame draw, at it was unlikely that either India would score 220 in a session or England would bowl them out. That's when magic happened.

India, under Dravid upped the ante. Destroyed the English bowling, in the process, Dravid reached his 50 and Jaffer his 100. The most surprising moment of the day, considering the way India played out pre and post lunch session, was in came Irfan Pathan after Dravid was dismissed. Was it a ploy to rattle Panesar? Wasn't sure. Pathan put bat to ball literally every ball for maximum result. Then walked in Dhoni at No.5. What happened to Sachin, VVS, and Kaifi.

It was a superb display of batting but the duo. These two are not the typical chancy pinch hitters. A batsman is good if he can play the ball comfortably in the V. Both did it with exquisite ease. Truly great batting performance by the duo. For the first time, it felt like India were genuinely chasing 200 in the remaining 25 overs. Not that they were trying to score by chance, all balls were treated by both with merit and all shots were cricketing shots. Then goes Pathan, and in walks Sachin.

For him the scene was set to achieve the one record that has eluded the master blaster, single handedly influence the outcome of a test match. Never has he won a test for India. He was as classy and cheeky in his shot selection as one knows him to be.

Quick fire 35 from Pathan, 16 from Dhoni, 28 from Sachin, and 7 from Harbhajan, with Laxman and Kaif yet to bat, set the stage for India for a great finish. What amazed me was the sheer batting talent India now has. Even the one off pull to between long-on and mid-wicket by Harbhajan was just swash buckling.

As Laxman, walked in, India needed another 108 to win in 13 overs. Two more overs of Sachin magic would get them to run-a-ball. And from there on there was Sachin, VVS and Kaif to ensure victory. The umpires offered light and India took it.

One may argue that was not the right thing to do. Well, that was the Indian strategy. Go for a win with wickets in hand. After slipping in Day 1, England took full control of the test till tea time of day 5. Indian attitude just rattled Flintoff and England. He was running out of ideas to control the run feast. Indian strategy took him by surprise. There were lengthy conversations between overs, messages sent out from the England dressing room. Total chaos was evident.

The point was made by India, just stole back the initiative from England and thus prevented the headlines reading in the lines of "England dominate as test ends in a draw". After what India did, headlines are bound to be re-written.

India go into Mohali, with a lot of confidence. They have an established opening pair in Jaffer and Shewag. Yuvraj will be back in the 11, probably at the expense of VVS, unfortunately and a good chance that Munaf and Shukla walk into to the squad at the expense of Shreesanth and Harbhajan.

What a team it would be? All in all exciting series, one which India now look forward with a "Never say never" attitude.

Should Dravid have upped the ante a bit sooner. Naah!!!. That was not the plan. Chappell and he had the test cricket hat on. A great Day 5 to witness. Excellent cricket. Lot of technical thinking, mind games, and strategies involved. Such test matches are rare to come.

Monday, February 20, 2006

In Life Unbeatable, In Death Irreplaceable

It was 1993 that I got a taste of the sport of Formula One. Motorsport to me, started with Motorcycle Grand Prix with Kevin Schwantz having won the 500 CC Moto GP World championship with Aussie Micheal Doohan in fourth place. Began to follow that series and was a great fan of Michael Doohan who went on to win 5 consecutive world championships with Repsol Honda. He met with a serious accident in 1999 and retired from the sport. Valentino Rossi who was racing the 125 cc league at that time has now, in 2005 became a 5 time champion and is considering a move to Formula One.

Satellite Television had just then made inroads into India and Prime Sports began to telecast Formula One races. 1988 to 1993 was a golden era in Formula One. Never has one seen such fierce battles for world championships. Two of the greats during the late 80s and early 90s included Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. They were team mates at Mclaren Honda for 2 years and their dominance in the sport was such, that between the two of them they shared all but one of the wins (1988). They were competing with each other in each race. Its been nearly 13 years eversince, the world of F1 is yet to see such a battle. Such was their rivalry, that they never saw eye to eye, and have taken each other out on many occasions.

At the end of the 1993 season, World Champion Prost retired from Williams and Senna took his spot to partner Damon Hill. At the start of the season, Michael Schumacher's Benetton Ford was the best in class with the Williams of Senna a distant second.

Ayrton Senna was a KING of qualifying. He would drive out during qualifying in the last 1.5 minutes of the session and start his hot lap 10 seconds before the close of the session. It would take Senna just 1 hot lap to set pole position. Such was his focus and concentration and talent. His record of 65 pole positions is yet to be beaten 12 years after his death.

Monaco GP - A claustrophobic track which requires drivers to drive carefully under dry conditions, Senna would lap the field under wet. He still maintains a record of most wins in the principality of Monaco.

Failing to finish in the first two races in 1994 despite starting from pole position, Senna arrived at Imola for the San Marino Grand Prix. It was indeed a jinxed weekend and the darkest the Formula One circus has ever seen. During Friday's practice, Rubens Barichello, in his rookie year met with a serious shunt that kept him out of the race. He was Senna's protege.

On Saturday, Roland Ratzenberger met with a fatal accident that brought the Formula One world to shock. Senna took it upon himself to convince Prof. Sid Watkins (F1 Chief Neuro surgeon) to review the driver safety standards. Two accidents, one fatal made Senna think if he wanted to be in Formula One. Despite the death of Ratzenberger on Saturday morning practice, Senna, determined to do well in the race set pole position for the next days race, his third for Williams and third of the 3 races in 1994.

Sunday morning at the grid formation, Adriana Gilestu, Senna's then girlfriend recalls that Senna was unsure if he should race considering the events of the last two days. He nearly did not want to drive that day. But his close friend Gerhard Berger convinced him to do so. As so started the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix with Senna on pole and Michael Schumacher in second.

At the lights turned green, there was a huge accident at the back of the grid that took off literally the last four rows of the grid. Safety car was brought in and it took six laps under the safety car to clean the debris at the start -finish. The safety car dives into the pits at the end of lap 6. And the race is underway. Two corners later the pack headed by Senna approached the Tamburello corner, then a high speed left hander (now a slow left -right- left corner). Senna's car went off the track at approximately 190 miles per hour and rammed into the unprotected concrete wall. Pre 1994 there was no concept of tire barriers that we see today.

Generally after an accident, the driver gets out of the car ASAP to avoid an electrical fire. But Senna was unmoved, his car completely destroyed. Race was stopped. Prof. Sid Watkins was the first to arrive at the scene to attend on Senna who was then air lifted to the hospital in an unconscious state.

Causes for Senna's accident is still unknown. It is speculated that the front right tyre along with the attached suspension became loose on impact, hit Senna on the head, pierced his visor leading to severe frontal brain injury. Senna's battered helmet shows a puncture just above his right eye. It was also speculated that an unusually long safety car period had reduced the pressure in Senna's tyres, lowering the car, leading to sudden reduction of downforce and hence grip.

Race was restarted and Michael Schumacher won the ill-fated race. Senna was pronouced dead due to severe brain damage. Rules of Formula One changed after May 1, 1994.

His memorial service was attended by Formula One's greatest. Alain Prost who was Senna's advisory on track was there to see off his worst enemy with utmost respect for the man he loved to hate. Recently Michael Schumacher was inconsolable in a post race press conference after passing one of Senna's records, the only time I have seen Michael in the last 13 years emotional. Such was Senna's contribution to the world of F1.

In Brazil, Senna was a living God. The only other person to be worshipped was football ace Pele. After his death, Ayrton Senna Foundation was created that helps and works with the poor and needy of Brazil till date. On track, he was aggressive, unforgiving and drove to perfection. Off track he was a very quite and a religious man. His dual personality in his character was made evident when track officials found a bloodsoaked Austrian flag in Senna's cockpit. It was the flag that Senna was going to wave and raise on his victory lap in honor of Ratzenberger who had died on that track less than 24 hours ago.

To honor Aryton Senna's acheivement in F1 and Monaco GP (next race of the season), P1 was not occupied by anyone in the race of 1994.

An excerpt from Senna's newly release DVD "Official Tribute To Ayrton Senna". In his own words "On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit and you go for this limit and you touch this limit and you think, ok, this is the limit. As soon as you touch this limit,
something happens and you realise that you can suddenly go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and your experience as well, you can fly very high."

Indeed In Life Unbeatable, In Death Irreplacable.
Ayrton senna Da Silva (1960 -1994)
May 1, 1994, an evening I cannot ever forget.
My tribute to my greatest F 1 Driver of all times.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love at First Sting - Moment of Glory

The wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
The wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
It's the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The passage out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell
Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself
Hear this voice from deep inside
It's the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The way out of the dark

Send Me an Angel - Scorpions from the album Crazy World

Formed in 1970, this German band comprising of Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, and Matthias Jabs have created history in Hard Rock. After 35 years, they are still an awesome team rocking the world like a hurricane.

I first heard "Still Loving You" and "Winds of Change" while I was in my 8th Standard. Thats about 15 years ago. Ever since there is no looking back. Their music has ever since put me in a trance. It was always my dream to meet the trio. They were, are, and will be my heros.

Never knew when I would, if I could, how I would. And then there was June 16, 2001 at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus Ohio. Ticket was not expensive, but to get there on my own was. So I had to convince my friends to come along with the assurance that they are going to have a time of their life.

The intro for the concert was provided by a small time group Rio, followed by 90 minutes of Deep Purple led by Ian Gillian and closed with the mighty Scorpions with Klaus, Rudy, Jabs, Kottak, Rieckermann at their best.

Had tickets for Row N, I think. Not that far from the stage, about 30 feet. Great seats for $40, must say. But who the heck sits in a Scorpions concert. So I figured, I could get closer. Sneaked through security to row A while Deep Purple was performing. All set to experience the Scorpion mania. Was about 3 feet from the stage, no one in front of me but the GODS of hard rock.

That was one of the best moments of my life. To see my heroes perform in flesh and blood. And the show started with a blast by the song Coming Home, followed by 18 of their greatest hits that included anthems such as Rock you like a Hurricane, Winds of Change, Still Loving You, Send me an Angel, Blackout, Dont Believe Her and many others.

Scorpions have a very limited fan following in the United States, which worked to my advantage cause I was one of the few who knew all their songs by heart.

Somewhere in the middle of the concert, as Klaus Meine was at his best, in all my emotion and trance, I reached out to him. And there he was,he saw me reaching out,walked up about 3 paces, reached out, high-fived, shook my extended hand with a very firm reassuring handshake. The hand shake lasted for about 2 seconds but felt like forever. One of my dreams turned into reality shaking hands with the vocal GOD of hard rock.

Not that it was enough, and since I was one of the few who sang along during the entire concert, I managed to make eye contact with Matthais Jabs, who smiled in return as if to say "Hang on a sec, I wanna give you something" and after the conclusion of a song threw out his guiter picker at me. Unfortunately, it boomeranged away from me. He saw the utter disappointment on my face. I was like shattered, cause I knew that was meant for ME.

A few songs later came the ballad anthem Winds of Change. Now since its a ballad, everyone was swaying in slow motion and I was singing all along the way. The single most defining moment of the evening was that he gestered to me as the song ended and handed me his guiter picker, just so that I get it. This time for sure.

I can relive that evening only in my mind and thats just an amazing feeling to have. They have touched many a hearts this way, and I am one in a million. But my experience that day was out of the world and one of my personal bests.

Scorpions have had an impact in my life. Their music has been one of my major sources of self-motivation and push in life. And have helped me overcome the waves of everyday life. Their career as a group has gone through a lot of downs ever since they formed Scorpions. And yet they have survived for 35 years as a group (Rudy, Klaus, and Jabs). The biggest lesson I have personally learnt is the lesson of friendship. If one gets to read their history especially in the early 80s, hats off to their FRIENDSHIP and SINCERITY.

I was just listening to some of their music today, nearly after a year or so and it reminded me of that great evening where I had a chance to meet my musical Heros who have been one of my sources of inspiration and motivation in life.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Self Help and GOD !!!

GOD helps those who help themselves!!!!
Trust in GOD but Lock your car!!!!

There was once a man, a GOD fearing man, who travelled around the world preaching and spreading the word about the greatness, love, care, power, and ability of GOD. He travelled across seas, deserts, nations just to enlighten people that it is only GOD who has the ablity to carve ones life and so pray and pray hard seek his blessings.

He was once travelling for days across a desert that was ruthless to anyone. No food, no water, no habitation, nothing. Suddenly he sees a patch of awesome greenary (vegetation,fountains, gardens etc). Was it an illusion, was it an act of GOD, he thought. As he neared, he realized that it indeed existed, and it was even more beautiful. He then approached the person who lived there and said" Sir, you must be so thankful to GOD for giving you such a wonderful place. I am sure your prayers are always heard. GOD is great to give you such a life in such a ruthless desert.

For which the man who owned the place said " Yes, being a firm believer in GOD, I am thankful for all that he has giving me thus far (great health, piece of land etc). But try and imagine how this place was when GOD owned this piece of land before me."

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Life is 10% what happens to you, it is 90% how you react to it - Charles Swindall

Value of life is not fully discovered unless one is confronted with bumps in life. It is but natural to enjoy the pleasures of success and happiness, celebrate with a sense of satisfaction and joy. Why? Because, happiness, success is something that is liked by all naturally.

On the other hand, if one is confronted with a hiccup in life, it pulls the person down. Makes anyone drag oneself along the way. Why? Because sorrow, sadness is something one does not look forward to in life.

Life is a rollercoaster that one rides each day. Just as one elevates oneself to the moon and enjoys the great moments in life, one needs to be able to evaluate and face life when confronted with hiccups. The true individual can only be evaluated depending on how one stands up for oneself and confronts the situation.

It is incorrect to assume that good things rarely touch your feet. It is unfair to blame GOD for all the misgivings that one faces in life. It is also incorrect to believe that you are one of those unfortunate who are always confronted with sorrows.

Look closely, every individual one comes across will have some kind of issues in life ranging from personal to professional life. It is easy to live a life complaining about what one did not get or one did not accomplish. It is an acheivement if one takes the negative in oneself's stride just as one would take the positive. It is the ATTITUDE that dictates this character of metal.

Past cannot be changed, but one should not ruin the future by worrying about it in the present. Worrying about what happened in the past or what could confront one in the future serves no purpose. One has to have a positive outlook and think what needs to be done to carve a better brighter future. Positive Attitude alone can take an individual miles. Rather than complain, pick up on the mistakes, one has to learn lessons and face life with an unparalled ATTITUDE.