Friday, October 21, 2005

Emotional Intelligence!!

In today's corporate world, that provides emphasis on team work, flexibility, and customer orientation, emotional intelligence is a skill set that is now becoming a necessity. It is important to not only be technically competent, but also demonstrate emotional competence. It is a fact that IQ and academic excellence does not guarantee success. It is merely a threshold for a job requirement. Companies give importance to emotional competence ahead of cognitive abilities. It is proven that the recipe for excellence in a technical profession is the ability to influence and the drive to achieve ahead of analytical thinking. Technical brilliance does not propel an individual to the top. It is his/her ability to influence and persuade others and have the inner discipline to strive for challenging goals that are the driving factors to success. There is no point in being excited about a new idea unless one has the ability to relate, speak up, be heard, and be comfortable with oneself. These skills make the crucial difference.

Emotional competence is a learnt capability and is based on emotional intelligence, and it is this that leads to outstanding results. It is extremely important to have a balance between the mind and heart; i.e. cognition and emotion. Cognition as in technical expertise and analytical reasoning, and emotion meaning thought and feeling. This forms the basis for emotional competence. High in emotional intelligence does not guarantee that one has developed emotional competence that is needed at work. It just demonstrates the excellent potential in oneself to learn it.

Emotional intelligence has two major competences: Personal and Social. In other words, emotional intelligence may be defined as the competencies that determine how we manage our selves (personal) and how we handle relationships (social). Some of the important characteristics of emotional intelligence are: Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and most importantly social skills.

No doubt that people have got to the top in the past without emotional intelligence, but as work becomes more and more complex and highly collaborative, companies that work together best have the competitive edge and thus excel in the job.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Vivek said...

I guess in the long run your people skills are as important as your technical skills


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