Thursday, December 29, 2005

Self Help and GOD !!!

GOD helps those who help themselves!!!!
Trust in GOD but Lock your car!!!!

There was once a man, a GOD fearing man, who travelled around the world preaching and spreading the word about the greatness, love, care, power, and ability of GOD. He travelled across seas, deserts, nations just to enlighten people that it is only GOD who has the ablity to carve ones life and so pray and pray hard seek his blessings.

He was once travelling for days across a desert that was ruthless to anyone. No food, no water, no habitation, nothing. Suddenly he sees a patch of awesome greenary (vegetation,fountains, gardens etc). Was it an illusion, was it an act of GOD, he thought. As he neared, he realized that it indeed existed, and it was even more beautiful. He then approached the person who lived there and said" Sir, you must be so thankful to GOD for giving you such a wonderful place. I am sure your prayers are always heard. GOD is great to give you such a life in such a ruthless desert.

For which the man who owned the place said " Yes, being a firm believer in GOD, I am thankful for all that he has giving me thus far (great health, piece of land etc). But try and imagine how this place was when GOD owned this piece of land before me."


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